The National Experience: A History of the United States
Chapter Outlines

The following are outlines of each of the chapters of The National Experience: A History of the United States, Eighth Edition. (See full citation below.) Each begins with a “short outline,” that is a list of the names of each of the sections, and then the complete outlines. These are the product of hours of work throughout the year; I estimate that I spent approximately a total of 5-7 hours reading and outlining each chapter, which would come to a total of about 210 hours.

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Please do not read the outlines instead of the textbook! You will not do well! These outlines are intended for review and study purposes, not as a substitute for the textbook. Any outline is by nature a summary, and therefore does not contain all the information you need to know. I recommend you outline the book yourself, and use my outlines as study tools. However, when studying for the AP, reading over these outlines might come in handy, because rereading the textbook would be unreasonable. This is where the short outlines come in handy: to remind you what is in each chapter.

If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for improvement, please email me, and I will correct them.

Outline Chapter Title
Chapter 1.doc1. Making Use of a New World
Chapter 2.doc2. The Pattern of Empire
Chapter 3.doc3. The First American Way of Life
Chapter 4.doc4. The Second Discovery of America
Chapter 5.doc5. An American People
Chapter 6.doc6. Establishing National Institutions
Chapter 7.doc7. Jeffersonian Republicanism
Chapter 8.doc8. Nationalism and Economic Expansion
Chapter 9.doc9. Politics for the Common Man
Chapter 10.doc10. An Era of Reform
Chapter 11.doc11. Expansion and Sectional Crisis
Chapter 12.doc12. America at Midcentury
Chapter 13.doc13. Destruction of the Union
Chapter 14.doc14. The Civil War
Chapter 15.doc15. Reconstruction
Chapter 16.doc16. The New South: Reunion and Readjustment
Chapter 17.doc17. The New West: Empire within a Nation
Chapter 18.doc18. The Ordeal of Industrialization
Chapter 19.doc19. The Urban Society
Chapter 20.doc20. Stalemate, Agrarian Revolt, and Republican Triumph, 1877-1896
Chapter 21.doc21. Empire Beyond the Seas
Chapter 22.doc22. The Progressive Movement and the Square Deal
Chapter 23.doc23. Progressivism: Retreat and Resurgence
Chapter 24.doc24. War and Its Sequel
Chapter 25.doc25. A New Age of Business
Chapter 26.doc26. The End of an Era
Chapter 27.doc27. The New Deal
Chapter 28.doc28. The Decay of Peace
Chapter 29.doc29. The World in Flames
Chapter 30.doc30. The Cold War
Chapter 31.doc31. Consolidation and Conflict
Chapter 32.doc32. Reform and Revolt
Chapter 33.doc33. The Presidency Rebuked and Restored
Chapter 34.doc34. Tides of Conservatism
Chapter 35.doc35. Toward the Twenty-First Century

I hope you find my outlines useful as you prepare for the AP exam. Good luck!

Outlines Copyright © 2007-2008 Louis A. Pisha
Based on: Blum, John M.; McFeely, William S.; Morgan, Edmund S.; Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr.; Stampp, Kenneth M. The National Experience: A History of the United States. Eighth Edition. Forth Worth: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers, © 1993.